Sunday, January 15, 2006

Spiderwoman of Hero Honda Star Screen Awards-05

All of us know the 20yrs old (according to my calcualations) spiderman joke - where a man who wears chaddi on his patloon is called spiderman!!!
the memory of this joke was recently refresfed by Diya Mirzaa
Now, what is expected when sajid khan invites Diya Mirzaa on stage?at least i would expect a beautifully draped, graceful woman to walk on the stage......
But, But i was grossly surprised to see Diya Mirzaaa wearing aerobatics-uniform-type skin fit garment made hopelessly glamorous by adding a BRA-shaped shinning and sizzling material over-it...............
so the analogical relationship established in my mind was - if a woman wears BRA over her actual outfit-she becomes spiderwoman....
and all this happened while watching Hero Honda Star Screen Awards-05 where hosted by Spiderwoman Diya Mirzaa!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Fucked up morning

i was told that there is gonna be a traditional day competetion on the traditional day to be celebrated in Spectrum-jashn 2005 - MCC fest.
now, any rational person will think that the competetion may include rounds related to the traditional attire put up by participant......and with this thought in my mind, i participated (and since it was a couple competetion , i forced one of my fattest juniors to accompany me)
i was totally bent upon winning it to the extent that i spent bucks in hiring the south indian-mallu types jewellery.......
pardon the use of slang, but these B-grade, bakwas, B.Com chhap people actualy made us a big time chutya.....
the comp had two rounds
1. introduction
2. stupid, silly 1 min games!!!
and all his happens at morning 10'o clock, bloody fucked up morning!!!

Friday, December 09, 2005


"five point someone", is the story of three mechanical engineering students at IIT-Delhi. and, for a change, it doesnt give the recepie of getting into IIT and making roket-high scores over there, but, interstingly, its a humorous narration of their response to ragging, growth of their friendship with every new prank, developing theories to counter-attack the IIT rating system, and for all the hindi-jmovie-masala lovers, there is an ultimate love story( ultimate because it ends with making love in the professor's house with the professor's daughter).........
moral of the story is donot leave anything untried in college life (like drinking, doping, copying, fraking, loving,
inevitably, "five point someone" is FUN- spirational

Monday, December 05, 2005


"All work and no play makes jane a dull gal"
I am like any other kid who makes optimum utilization of notebooks by not just writing what teacher dictates but also scribling and sketching, drawing all sorts of geometrical and non-geometrical, symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes on the last pages of the noteboks and marginal space available in between and on the sides of the textual matter of the text-book!!!
And by the time, i was in standard 9th, the lines and curves turned to cuts and joints of designer dresses and from then onwards, any academic literature belonging to me contains immortal creations of my artistic dresses!!!
But it was not until first Sunday of December in the final year of Graduation in management stream, that i actually made a dress for barbie doll of my 8 years aold sis!!!
By technical standards, though, it doesnt qualify to be a well-made dress because i never took the measurements(undressed the barbie, and wrapped my dress around her) and stiched it with cello-tape.
However ill-made it may be but its surely well-designed. The cloth used is embroidered and mirrored cotton ethnic patch with golden lace bearing holes which represent triangles and neckline is bandhani cloth with strings of zari and the accessories consist if pair of diamond studded copper ear-rings which looks like antique lampshade and a silver belled hair bow!!!
By the end of it, i looked at my creation and wondered, wow, man-made gujju babe, huh?

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Former is myth and mystery blended,
later is feminine supremacy told.
both contain each other
to say the beautiful and the bold!!!
Mein Kempf, My Life, Godfather.......all these books were stacked in my shelf but i chose to read a novel borrowed from the dear friend of mine.THE DA VINCI CODE of DAN BROWN. 1st page of the book-i knew i am going to have an intersting encounter and last page.....i heaved a sigh of releif as i myself had been to Louvre museumwhere the curator gets murdered, as if i was myself searching the clues and scratching head to get puzzles solved, as if i myself found the secret, which if revealed will shake the world!!!
but the thought the idea he truth which captured my attention is the fact that there are evidences to prove all over the world that women were looked upon with dignity and respect thousands of years ago because of the very fact that GOD chose women as the blessed one through whom world will move further!!!
it speaks about the glory of womanhood and the magical presence women have on the earth!!!
NO.i m neither a feminist, nor i am trying to trigger"male is better or female" kind of debate;
but the very thought gives sense of pride and plreasure that the women of the world are attracting attention whether such attention is given by DAN BROWN OR EKTA KAPOOR!!!
if u have read DA VINCI CODE and EKTA KAPOOR sops, the similarity will certainly not go unnoticed......even this popular sops are mysterious in nature, if not mythologicaland the majority of these EKTA KAPOOR brain-childs have feminine heartwhich tells, retells and still tells rthat women shud b looked upon with love and not lure, respect and not regret....

Thursday, November 24, 2005


love came into my life through dream-selling movies of yash chopra, subhashghai............
childhood dreams, clndestine meetings, gentle touch, shying but wanting eyes, language spoken through skin and lips, nights filled with dreamy thoughts, days filled with passionate warmth, ................this entire physical manifestation of love unnerved my desires, injecting in me passion for love!!
and even i began to weave thousands of stories in my mind for my love-mate.......
but now!!!
one thought which is driving me away from such dreams is the fact that no one really loves anyone.neither me.all of us are incapable of loving others selflesly. i am not referring to selfishness but self-love!!
the nearest form of true love is self-love.from everything that we do 70% is for self-related motive.
another aspect is that community in which we live discourages selfless love. every time i step towards loving someone(this includes both males and females), i realize that i m being used and this is the worst feeling , the most incurable wound!!!
while travelling in train today, i realized that it is pointless to search for true love outside.........i should divert all the energies and efforts towards loving my own se4lf!!!
at the same tme i will continue determinedly to actualize my dream of lush green landscape, singing and swaying daffodils, a dark wood tree, me and my dream love beneath it sharing momoemnts of passion, romancing each other.....(with ice-cream, candies and melting chocolates)
there lies within me ,
someone waiting to be loved
i want to approach myself
meet the mystery lying inside.
and at this juncture this meeting
is only saving thing
which shall bring back my pride!!!
(writen during one of the stressful situations)

Friday, November 18, 2005

purchasing a pad

i m generally not a typically shy gal, especially wen it comes to cracking nv jokes or giving bad words and related stuff but one thing which actually testifies my capacity to not feel embarased and burst out into laughter is purchasing pads(not stationery ones)

i wud generally enter chemist shops with female salesperson or assign the task to other people(undoubtedlu mom ). i had long back seen a female in this particular with the same image went in but alas!!!
a loafer kind of look and unlikely to be sincere by any class but for the red "dhaga" on his wrist i cud identify him as jain gujju guy, supported by two other pale and pissed off-face carrying males were sitting idle in the shop.
with the hardest efforts, i cud supress my embarassment and asked directly for my brand.....................i never wanted to get things hurriedly than this..............went out of the shop and laughing all the way down to my home!!!